Would you “Like” Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? – GovLoop.com

Read the post on GovLoop here. Originally posted 3/27/12 at 10:30 am

Here’s the question, right up front.

How would Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce use social media to promote their clients’ products? (Before you say, “they would have no use for it, as advertisers in the 60s,” let’s just pretend.) Obviously, they’d use it. It’s a great marketing tool, and their clients would expect a great social media campaign from this über creative agency. Would they be at the forefront of the movement with new thinkers, or would Don and Roger brush it off as a fad that would go down in flames and waste their design time and money? Think about the hard time Harry still has in 1966 selling ad space on TV with its exponentially expanding media audience. Roger doesn’t really care about TV advertising. (Let’s go ahead and compare that to government, while we’re thinking about different generations adapting to new media, shall we?)

What if it seems to backfire, à la the “equal opportunity” ad they placed in the paper to try to poke a rival agency? We hear stories about social media advertising problems occasionally, usually when an outside agency is hired to Facebook or Tweet for a company. Not only does voice not translate correctly, the message might be totally off. Case in point: Belvedere Vodka. #Fail.

Finally, I’m really sorry for another MM internet post, but c’mon. After waiting a year and a half for a new episode, I really think everyone is entitled to at least one.

(That’s me with a martini after a hard day writing ad copy.)

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DIY government holiday – GovLoop.com

Read the post on GovLoop here. Originally posted 3/20/12 at 11:16 am

We’ve all pretty much accepted that St. Patrick’s day is a new American holiday, regardless of the amount of Irish whiskey blood pumping through your veins. Around the country, we observe this day by drinking beer and wearing sparkly green pants and shamrock sunglasses.

What do we do to observe non-religious holidays? President’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, for example…we wear the red, white and blue, buy home appliances and cars on sale, and get a day off from work. How much emphasis is placed on the actual historical reasoning for these days? At this point, not a whole lot. Probably about as much as for St. Patrick’s day.

How would you create a local government holiday? Not a county fair or local observance of a larger national holiday, but a real local government day? Who or what would you celebrate or observe? How would you do it? How could you involve all segments of the community?

What kind of engagement could you generate with a DIY government holiday?

(PS – Perhaps an entire month long celebration of county government? Hm?)

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What’s my obligation? – GovLoop.com

At this point in time, do local elected officials have a obligation to utilize, or at least monitor, social media channels to connect with their constituents?

Follow the discussion here on GovLoop

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Logos & Identity Part 2: Not just for print – GovLoop.com

Welcome to part 2 in a series on creating your identity with DC based professional graphic designer/artist Jack Hernandez. Catch up with the earlier post here, Logos & Identity Part 1: Not just for your clients

As I mentioned in the previous post, branding is one of the most important steps to establishing an identity in the public eye, whether you’re Coca Cola or the local government.

The next in this series will discuss the difference between a government logo and a government seal and why both are needed.

Jack has a terrific sense for branding and identity. Here he discusses variations in the formats and designs of logos for different kinds of media.

Read the full new post Logos & Identity Part 2: Not just for print on GovLoop.com

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And your momma dresses you funny, too! – GovLoop.com

In addition to local governments, I also do a bit of work with small businesses helping with their communications and social media outreach.

Just last week, two unrelated businesses dealt with the same issue, the GRUMPY CUSTOMER.

Read the full post here and share your thoughts about customer service.

How do local governments compare in their customer service? How should they deal with aggressive people (citizens/taxpayers/residents) who just want to argue? What kinds of responses are necessary when a citizen asks questions in an aggressive way?

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