Colorado Counties: Success and Challenges to New Media Use –

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In April I wrote briefly about Commissioner Audrey Danner from Moffat County, Colorado and her efforts in using social media to connect with her constituents.

I had a chance to sit down with Commissioner Danner earlier this month at the Colorado Counties, Inc. summer conference and talk a bit more about Moffat County using Facebook and some of the challenges surrounding social media in general. Moffat County is in rural northwest Colorado. The county is almost the size of the state of Connecticut, yet has a population of only about 13,000. (Connecticut’s population….3.5 million.)

For the most part, Danner is alone in her use of Facebook at the county level. The two other county commissioners do not currently use social media tools to communicate, preferring to stick with more traditional methods for now. Though electronic communications do work for large segment of population, the commissioners feel that the kind of interactions that come from face-to-face communications still can’t be replicated online. County residents are encouraged to interact with the commissioners and have an opportunity to publicly address issues at the beginning of each commission meeting. The commissioners make other public appearances known so that residents can chat with them.

For Danner, her Facebook experience started as just a personal page a few years ago before her last campaign. She allowed citizens to be her friends online, and they got to know a bit about her. She said it made her “real” to her constituents, not just another elected official. She regularly shares county events and happenings, as well as what she does as a county commissioner, including budget meetings, economic development presentations, discussions on bringing broadband to Moffat County, etc. She sees it as an easy way for people to talk to her, make her easily accessible, encourage back and forth discussion in a more friendly manner than a formal commission meeting. The discussions on the page page are still professional, however, and if necessary she recommends discussion at county meetings or an e-mail message to discuss issues that might be better handled offline.

She is currently running for a second term as county commissioner and is considering a separate page for her upcoming reelection campaign to make the online separation between her current position and her campaign.

In the county offices, most Internet activity, especially social media, is prohibited by county staff while at work, mostly because of bandwidth issues. The biggest issue facing the county in this case, and many others like it, is rural broadband access. We talked at length about access issues gong back to the mid 1990s.

In my next piece, I will discuss rural broadband access, specifically in Colorado.

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Do I vote…or watch the game? (

Read the full post with comments here. Originally posted 6/14/12 at 2:46 pm 

So game 7 of the NBA finals, if necessary, will be June 26, the same day as various local, state and federal elections in Oklahoma.

Would this create problems for die-hard basketball fans? “Do I vote or do I watch this exciting game on tv?” Why this is even a question I’m not really sure, considering there are several methods by which one can cast their vote, including 12 hours during the day before the game itself.

“From the perspective of voters, I don’t really think there’s a problem at all,” [state Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax] said. “Our polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Polls close a full hour before tipoff so fans of the Thunder who also want to do their civic duty by voting will have plenty of time to do that on Election Day. Any fans who are concerned about that, of course, can vote by absentee or take advantage of the early voting that starts prior to the election.”

(Full disclosure…I didn’t realize that Oklahoma City had a pro basketball team until recently. I’ve actually visited the city several times over the last few years and never picked up on it.)

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It’s upsetting to me that this might even be a consideration. Voter turnout is low during general elections, let alone primaries and special elections. What do you think?

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